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Hispanic Ministries

Jorge P. Soria, director   


Bienvenidos a las páginas de Ministerios Hispanos de la Unión del Pacífico.

Most of the 201 Hispanic churches and groups in the Pacific Union held evangelistic campaigns last year and have been working with small groups and another challenging soul-winning activities. 

I am so thankful to work in such a blessed union. We have an army of 170 consecrated and dedicated Hispanic pastors and 50,010 lay members. Together we work to accomplish the mission given to our church; we obey and trust in His power and stregth.

To promote evangelism, the Pacific Union Hispanic Ministries Department has identified three areas to highlight throughout the past five years. The focus of all planned activities has been nurture, training and equipping. With this in mind, the following initiatives were launched:

  • Seminars — For couples and families, lay training seminars, elders, women and men’s retreats, pastors’ Health Seminars, Youth Meetings: Congresses, Bible Bowls and Mini Olympic activities.
  • Ministerial Meetings — A time of encouragement, evangelism planning and fellowship.

Lay Training Seminars Throughtout the Union

The year 2016 was a challenge for all 6 Conferences. The Spanish Ministries launched several evangelistic campains and Small Groups training sessions.

A Special Challenge

There are about 15,000,000 Hispanics living in the union territory, and these huge numbers are a challenge to our churches. Of the 10 U.S. cities with the largest Latino concentration in 2016, 5 are inside our Union. We started the year 2017 with two big events: Our Hispanic Ministries Department organized 2 big evengs in February 2017. The first weekend we had a Holy Spirit Retreat at Pine Springs Ranch. We had a big attendance. The following weekend, February 10-12 about 500 Small Groups leaders gathered at Pine Springs Ranch to receive training on this Small Groups Ministry. 

2016 — 50,010
2015 — 51,129


2016 — 2,030
2015 — 2,067


2016 — $25,873,272.25
2015 — $23.632,522.27

It is our desire and prayer that our Lord will continue blessing the Hispanic membership in the Pacific Union.


 Phone: 805-413-7384

High resolution photo of Jorge Soria

Ruth Collins, administrative assistant